All Entree Served with Steam Rice or Brown Rice

TopFrom China

  • (Chicken $9.95) (Beef $10.95) (Pork $9.95) (Shrimp / Scallop $12.95)
  • Hunan 
    Fresh mixed vegetable with our spicy Hunan sauce
  • Garlic 
    Celery, carrots, scallion and bamboo shoots sauteed with sweet and spicy garlic sauce
  • Asparagus
    Fresh asparagus, carrots and water chestnut stri-fried in brown sauce
  • Szechuan 
    Fresh mixed vegetable with Szechuan spicy Sauce
  • Cashew
    Stir-fried celery, water chestnut and cashew nuts in brown sauce
  • Baby Bamboo 
    Jalapenos, bamboo shoot, scallion & garlic tossed with special oyster sauce
  • Kung Pao 
    This Szechuan style is prepare with celery, water chestnut & roasted peanut
  • Broccoli
    Served with fresh broccoli wok-tossed with brown sauce
  • Mongolian
    Wok-cooked then quickly sauteed with scallion, onion in special mongolian sauce
  • Mixed Vegetable
    Carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, snow pea, napa, water chestnut, baby corn, bamboo shoots in brown sauce
  • Hot Pappercorn 
    Jalapenos, pepper, scallion with red chili cooked with rice wine and soy sauce
  • Mushrooms
    Fresh vegetable with mushrooms in a tasty brown sauce
  • Moo Shu (Served with 4 pcs pancake)
    Shredded cabbage carrot scallion, bamboo shoot and scrambled eggs served with hoisin sauce
  • Sweet & Sour (Chicken & Shrimp Only)
    Green pepper, carrots and pineapple with sweet sauce

TopFrom Thailand

  • (Chicken $9.95) (Beef $10.95) (Vegetable $9.25) (Shrimp / Scallop $12.95)
  • Panang Curry 
    Panang curry, coconut milk, fresh lime leaves green beans, bamboo, onion
  • Thai Curry 
    Special yellow curry sauce with green pepper, carrot and onion
  • Thai Cashew King 
    Celery, water chestnut and string bean, pepper in spicy curry sauce
  • Pad Thai Noodles 
    Rice noodle sauteed with scrambled egg, scallion, bean sprout, celery, bamboo shoots, onion and carrots in Thai sweet sauce topped with crushed peanuts and fresh lime
  • Thai Curry Fried Rice 
    pineapple, bean sprout, egg, onions, peppers sauteed with spicy curry sauce
  • Curry Rice Noodles 
    Carrots, bean sprouts, egg, onions, bamboo shoots, scallion with spicy curry sauce